Welcome to the softest and tastiest world ever: the PanPiuma world!

Discover the PanPiuma universe through its product range. A few ingredients, great quality and all the love we knead everyday with flour and water to give you a unique bread.

280 gr Size

Three flavors to discover: organic spelled, organic for kids and kamut prepared using the flour of the ancient Khorasan wheat.

Classic 400 gr

The three PanPiuma classics: whole wheat, durum wheat and the incredible cereal flakes bread. Four products you can’t miss in your pantry!

Pocket 150gr size

The comfort of a 4 slices pack, perfect for singles or for a snack. Created for one or two sandwiches or two soft toast.

Rollable 250gr size

five long slices to free your creativity in the kitchen. Get wild with rolls, baskets and any other shape you want to amaze your guests.


Long live the parties! Ten extra long and soft slices, perfect to prepare tarts, rolls and sandwiches for a party, an event, a dinner with friends and any other occasion!