The Company

Welcome to PanPiuma’s world!

Our long-lasting story starts in 1968 and has continued up to these days. It has been a path filled with innovation, strokes of genius and unique products that have revolutionized styles and tastes by creating fashions and trends. This road led to the creation of PanPiuma, which blew up in 2012: a unique bread without crust, inimitable thanks to its ingredients and quality. A special dough created in decades of experience that mixes up with all the technology and the growth developed through the years inside a factory in constant expansion.Discover our story, the story of Adriano – a man who, by inventing a crust-less bread, has brought to the world a new way to interpret and use bread, setting free the imagination of great chefs and the cravings of children who eat and make snacks with PanPiuma every day.