400 gr classic size

400GR classic size

Cereal Flakes

Type “0” bread with cereal flakes and olive oil. Ingredients: type “0” soft wheat flour, water, olive oil, oat flakes, spelt flakes, barley flakes, rye flakes, sunflower seeds, natural yeast, sea salt, malted wheat flour. Treated with ethyl alcohol derived from cereals. The bread consistency is soft, with solid but not hard cereal flakes (which are appreciable while chewing) and a medium weave. The color is amber brown, the scent is fragrant and the taste is full and pleasurable.

Durum Wheat

The durum wheat semolina, typical of South Italy’s breads, gives PanPiumaan intense, bright and characteristic flavor, perfect for the lovers of superior taste and limitless softness. The slightly amber color is a synonym of high-quality raw ingredients – the semolina, as a matter of fact, gives each slice a typical and recognizable color and structure. The noble olive oil and sea salt complete this bread’s tastiness and are two of the few and traditional ingredients.

Soft Wheat

The classic recipe with soft wheat and the use of few natural ingredients give this product the classic flavor of bread and a natural,durable softness. The olive oil provides taste and simplicity, while a small addition of sea salt completes this product, which is appreciated for its deliciousness.

 Whole wheat with bran

Thanks to the addition of bran, we create a soft bread with a truly whole-wheat taste and all the properties of natural fibers, without giving up flavor and softness.

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