Our secret is simplicity!

PanPiuma has a unique taste with respect to other industrial breads because it uses only flour, water, noble olive oil, natural beer yeast, sea salt and malted cereal flour. In its semolina and whole wheat versions there is the addition of durum wheat semolina and bran – which brings the list of ingredients up to only seven!

Transparency and authenticity

PanPiuma writes it on the front: we choose transparency and authenticity, giving up the use of additives, allergens and all those substances not included in the preparation of bread and in the old bakeries.

Attention to the ingredients

PanPiuma wants to avoid milk and soy since they are allergens and the main priority is the serenity of our consumers. Moreover, PanPiuma does not use sugar to eliminate the sweet aftertaste.

Simple and good

Olive oil and sea salt complete the ingredients’ list – as a matter of fact, PanPiuma does not use animal fats, palm oil, margarines, thickeners, monodiglycerides or other additives for softness. Sometimes, coming back to traditions is the greates innovation of all.