Q:  What if I have food allergies?

A:  For the reason to guard people with varying types of food allergies we both have ingredients for each item listed on the menu page, as well as we always ask a customer about any allergies he or she might have while confirming the order.
Nevertheless, Please keep in mind that our Bakery is not and cannot possibly be a nut or gluten-free environment.

Q:  How long can your baked goods “survive” in a fridge?

A:   It varies, but please note that any kind of baked good is highly perishable, which means that it’s always best to buy as many freshly-baked items as you will be able to eat on that same day…

Q:  Do you offer additional decoration or flavorings for your cakes?

A:   Sure. Most, but not all of our cakes can be decorated. Though some cakes will not be able to keep elaborate decorations because of the texture of the icing. Cakes that cannot be decorated or have an inscription include Coconut, German Chocolate, Icebox cake, Flourless Chocolate cake and Lemon Vanilla Bundt cake.
As to the flavorings, we have a special page for that with a detailed listing of all the flavorings that we currently offer!

Q:  Do you bake custom cakes?

A:  Absolutely! We’re up for producing any kind of a custom cake that your imagination (or our baker’s) can come up with!

Also, we can add, that we specialize in baking cakes and other baked goods for a number of specific occasions, such as adult and kids’ birthdays, office parties and business events, baby showers and so on…

Q:  Do you bake wedding cakes?

A:  Yes, we do. Wedding cakes baking is one of the main services within our custom cakes service, so we definitely know how to make a baked item that will be both visually pleasing and mouth-wateringly tasty!

After receiving an order for baking a wedding cake we ask each specific customer on the details of their order, which helps us incorporate as many of their ideas into life as viable!

Q:  Do you have just 1 location?

A:    Currently we have just 1 location, based in San Diego, California. Possibly in the future, we’ll be expanding into LA or Orange county areas…

Q:  Can I order baked goods online?

A:  Yes, you can! This option is available for anyone, who is located within a 100 miles range…

Q:  Do you have any desserts or baked goods that are sugar-free?

A: Sure!

Some of our baguettes, as well as some pastry, cakes and cookies

are baked using artificial sweeteners.

Note, that you can always ask us about it over the phone or even place a custom order so we will bake you any item on our menu using sugar substitutes!

Q:  Do you offer catering?

A:  Yes, we do. Our Bakery creates beautiful dessert tables and cupcake tree displays for all types of celebrations, from weddings and graduations to birthdays and corporate events. We offer drop-off catering services or can host an event in the private party room of our bakery…

Q:  How far in advance should I place my order?

A:  Usually we recommend that you call the bakery to place your order at least 48 hours in advance. Most of the times it is no problem for us to accommodate all the orders, however, the more early prior notice you give us the more likely we will be able to fulfill your order on time!