Arriva COLLECTION 2018

Regali, regali ed ancora regali! Abbiamo deciso di essere ancora più vicini ai nostri consumatori con un nuovo concorso: nasce COLLECTION 2018. Un raccolta punti per accontentare i nostri clienti e permettere di ricevere a casa grandi premi. La classica raccolta rivoluzionata a livello di iscrizione e partecipazione grazie alla tecnologia per rendere ogni cosa semplice ed alla portata di tutti.
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Non un semplice pane ma la base ideale per ogni vostra idea in cucina. Imparate con Nicole ed Alberto come stupire tutti in cucina con PanPiuma!
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Recipe: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies
First thing's first, grab a lot of milk because you’re going to want a big cold glass to go with these chocolatey and all crispy cookies. All in all, the recipe is so easy and has so few ingredients to start with, that we're even listing them all out at once... Here are all the ingredients which mixed together are guaranteed to make your day just a little but sweeter. The dough gets off to a delicious start with butter, sugar, brown sugar and creamy peanut butter. When the dough is ready, these morsels get mixed in for a perfect marriage of peanut butter and...
Recipe: Roasted Shortcakes with Basil Cream
Are you interested in how do the professional bakers go about preparing for the summer season? Well, I just bought a one-piece, long-sleeve (yup) bathing suit like… 2 months ago. But to get back to the question at hand, which as far as I'm concerned is to cook some kickass roasted shortcakes with a bit of a basil cream, let's start over. This is the fourth time this year I’ve taken strawberries out. Then the Basil is a surprising and really lovely compliment to strawberries. It’s delicate in its herbaceous enough to ...
Recipe: Avocado chocolate cookies
Well, to start this recipe that revolves around the tropic fruit called avocado, I am so excited to happen to live in California! That means I have access to the best avocados since they practically grow in the backyard and so I can easily supply our bakery with it! On a regular day, I normally eat avocados with savory foods, but have you ever tried incorporating them into baking? This was my first attempt and it won’t be my last! The avocado replaces so many other traditional ingredients, like a lemon for instance...

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